Drywall work in St. Thomas


I am in need of an assistant to help me finish and correct mistakes made by the previous workers. I had my nephews working on my basement (more of a charity favour) but they did a very poor job and I would rather pull the plug before they screw it up so bad that it cannot be fixed. I have started today (Monday) but will need an extra set on hands to meet my goal my family is returning at the end of the week. You will need to know how to mud, sand, and prep walls for priming / painting. They were working for a few bucks and a bunch of 420 I had as I had more than my need so I would prefer someone interested in the same arrangement. They would have been compensated extremely well as I was extremely generous. They just did not have the skill to accomplish the set out goal.
Subsequently, I will be installing some self-leveling cement and a laminate floor along with painting and trim. I could possible need some help in these things as well so some skill with cement would also be beneficial.
Start date would be tomorrow but we can likely work that out.

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