Content Creator for IG wanted (REELS, POSTS, etc.)


I need a Content Creator for my business as well as my personal life. An interest in the beauty industry would be an asset because that’s what my business is about, but not necessary – as long as you can create quality REELS, POSTS, etc. that’s all I’m looking for. Any content needed for my personal life will revolve around travel, house renovations, family life, my dog, etc. (Just to give you an idea of what type of content you’ll need to create.)

95% of this can be WFH, at your own pace as most of the material (photos, videos, etc.) will be sent to you. Not much will be time sensitive.

There will be the occasional job in which you’ll have to come to my home to film tutorial, progress, etc. videos.

This is piecework, but I’ll probably lump 4 pieces together as one “job” if that makes sense. (We can discuss this.) It’s up to you how you want to get paid (cash, etran, etc.)

Pay is as follows:

1. Basic REEL/POST: $20
– All images, videos, etc. will be sent directly to you, along with inspiration. Most of these will be challenges or trends so you’ll have an exact template. You can literally do this on the toilet, lol.

2. Intermediate REEL/POST: $25
– Most images, videos, etc. will be sent directly to you, along with inspiration. Differs from “Basic” in that there may be transitions required, communication between us, etc. You might have to tell me if a video did or didn’t work for the transition, etc.

3. Advanced REEL/POST: $30
– I may just have an “idea” of the result I’m looking for & you have some creative flare.

4. On site work: TBD
– You may have to come to my home to take photos, film, etc.

Odds are, I’ll just let you login to my pages to do the work to simplify the process.

Text me if you have any questions: 2264560916
I can send you links to specific inspiration videos.

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