Youth Engagement Worker/Family Preservation Worker


Family Ties Association’s Family Preservation Program and Youth Engagement Program provide planned and tailored interventions and services aimed at strengthening, empowering, and supporting youth and families.

Given our current needs, we are seeking a male to fill a part time salaried position. This may lead to full time employment.

As a Family Preservation Worker, you will work in the home and community of families served to:

• Promote the protection and well-being of children in their home through expedient and flexible interventions;
• Promote the reduction or elimination of behaviors that may place a child or family at risk;
• Promote the strategies to prevent the out-of-home placement of a child;
• Expedite the imminent return of a child and promote reunification of the family;
• Improve family functioning;
• Respond immediately to support the family at the point of crisis; and
• Enhance family and community support networks.

As a Youth Engagement Worker, you will work in the home and community of the youth served to:

• Teach living-skills:
• Promote problem-solving, relationship skills, and coping skills;
• Enhance awareness and utilization of community resources and social supports;
• Help resolve the problems that necessitated placement:
• Assist with transition and permanency planning.


Completed diploma or degree in a relevant field (i.e. Child and Youth Care, Criminal Justice, Rehabilitation Services, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, etc.)

Valid, non GDL, driver’s license

Successful candidate is required to submit a recent Criminal Record Check and Intervention Record Check

Please send resumes attention to Michelle Ully

Resumes will be accepted until a suitable candidate is found