Trades/Technical Person (Volunteer Position)


(Volunteer, 1 Year Minimum Preferred)

Tetra Society of North America is a non-profit organization that empowers people with disabilities through volunteer built custom assistive devices that overcome obstacles to independence. If you want to learn more about the Tetra Society of North America, please visit us at

Do you like to build, design and create? Can you think outside the box to find solutions? Do you have a passion for helping persons with disabilities? If yes, then volunteering for the Tetra Society of North America, a registered non-profit, may be for you. We need technically skilled volunteers to design and build customized assistive devices to help people with disabilities overcome physical barriers they face in day to day tasks and in recreational opportunities. Our clients face varying levels of physical limitations and solutions are not always available commercially. However, these customized devices can make a world of difference! We accept volunteers with various technical backgrounds (i.e. engineers, technicians, machinists, carpenters, seamstresses, etc.) and of various ages. The one thing our volunteers have in common is their desire to improve the lives of those with physical challenges through the creation of customized assistive devices.

The following video link shows some examples of what can be made possible through the ingenuity and the willingness to help: You can also look at examples of our work at:
If you would like to join our team, fill out our volunteer application form at: or email us for an application form

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