Water Well Driller


Water Well Driller Job Title : Water Well Driller’s Labourer‬ Location: Penticton, BC‬ Job purpose: Providing service to clients by drilling wells and installing pumps to aid in the well completion process.‬ Reports to: Drilling Manager‬-Owner Job duties and responsibilities:‬ • ‬‪Operate water well drilling rigs and other equipment to drill, bore and dig for residential commercial and industrial water wells or environmental assessment, and install well screens, casings and other well fixtures‬‬‬‬ • Document geological formations encountered‬‬ • ‪Clean and disinfect wells in preparation for use‬‬‬‬ • ‪Perform routine mechanical maintenance work on water well drilling rigs and equipment‬‬‬‬ • ‪Install, test, maintain and repair water well pumps, piping systems and equipment and perform pumping tests to assess well performance‬‬‬‬ • ‪May provide other drilling services, such as repair or dismantling of existing water well structure, environmental or geotechnical drilling‬‬‬‬ • ‪Load and unload construction materials, and move materials to work areas‬‬‬‬ • ‪Assemble and check the drilling equipment‬‬‬‬ • ‪Ensure safe transportation of the drilling rig and all equipment to the place of work‬‬‬ • Promote and abide by safety rules and regulations • Ok with working out of town ‪Qualifications:‬‬‬‬ Licenced Prov of BC Driller • ‬‪A desire to treat clients and colleagues with INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and CREDIBILITY‬‬‬‬ • ‪Ability to identify areas for improvement and contribute potential solutions‬‬‬‬ • ‪Self-driven, results oriented with a positive outlook and a clear focus on efficiency‬‬‬‬ • ‪Reliable and determined‬‬‬‬ • ‪Willingness to pursue training and learn ‬‬ • ‪Good communication qualities to work as a team player‬‬ ‪Education:‬‬‬‬ • ‬‪Valid Class 3 or 1 BC driver’s license with no restrictions‬‬‬‬ • ‪High School Diploma required‬‬ Prov of bc Drilling and optional pump tech Certification Crane Safe certification a asset ‪Job Type: Full-time‬‬‬‬