Work from home with wifi


Hey there! I am Jeanni, I live in Alberta, Canada. I am a 46-year-old wife, and mom to two amazing boys. I am a pre-need funeral planner, and I also run my own online digital business using social media and attraction marketing.
I do have a full-time job selling funeral arrangements with a commission-based salary which means I have ups and downs. I was looking for a way to supplement what I was already making so I could do more for my family and I also wanted more for me. I wanted to be able to travel when I wanted, work when I wanted and to open up my schedule more. I wanted something that I could do on my time, something that I could be proud of and that I could make my family proud.
I knew that I did not want to bug family and friends, push endless products and promote parties. I knew I wanted to work from the comfort of my home and preferably cozy in my pajamas, while eating chips and a glass of wine!
The thought of working online intrigued me but I did not know where to start, I have never done anything like this before. I do have a background in marketing, but I never had experience in digital marketing. One day I meet someone at the lake with my brother and she was talking about how she was working with an amazing group of people and that she thought this would be something I would be interested in. So, I watched the no obligation info session and right then I knew this was the opportunity I was looking for.
I am a firm believer that opportunities don’t just happen, you have to create them, and I knew that it was time to take a chance and listen to what the universe was telling me. So, I did a coaching call, watched some videos and took the leap….
I am so happy that I did, it was what I was waiting for or dreaming for. Sure, I was skeptical at first, but the success stories and I kept reading about kept me going. My excitement outweighed by skepticism and I went with my gut…And I am so happy that I did! The real people that I met that and that I am learning from everyday helped me see what is out there for the everyday person. People from various different professional backgrounds are all running their own digital businesses. There are teachers, nurses, accountants, retail workers, firefighters, just to name a few. Everyone was looking for a change and looking for more in life.
We have a large community of business owners in different stages of life and with different personalities. Shy, outgoing, introverts, extroverts. People do this part time, full time, moms that are home with their kids, people in their golden years. Anyone and everyone can do this!
Things I love about this business are……
*No experience necessary (I had none)
*Full training provided through detailed online easy to follow videos.
*No bothering friends and family, no quotas, no inventory,
no pressure! No direct selling.
*The tools, products and training are all provided to get
you started.
*Mentoring and coaching provided (I would be your mentor 🙂 )
*Amazing connections and friendships made because of
this business.
*All you need is your computer or a smartphone and wifi to run this business from anywhere you are.
With working full time as a Funeral Planner and having a busy schedule of meetings evenings and weekends I needed to find something that fit my lifestyle and I did not want it to overwhelm me. With this business I found exactly what I was looking for and I can make my own hours, work at my own pace, with no pressure from anyone other than myself. Best part is that I am loving what I am doing, it is motivating and fun! I am way out of my comfort zone, but I do believe that is how we grow…
Are you interested in learning more? I encourage everyone to just check out the webinar for yourself. If it’s for you great! If not that’s ok too. Go to my site to learn more or message me for more information on how to get started. If you have any questions reach out at any time. I look forward to helping your too grow your own business.
Hope to talk soon!