Help needed moving mattresses @ Barton Sherman. Truck would help


Two able bodied movers and a truck that wi hold 2 double mattresses . $80 cash, Timmies, and 2 perfectly good double size covered mattresses (covers not included). Either take to the dump or they are yours. Should take you both about 90 minutes. You pick the day and time.

I am a home owner who needs to move a total of 4 mattresses (not frames).

All mattresses have proper covers. Clean decent smoke free home.

Move a futon and base from the indoor porch into the basement. May require removing reassembling futon and/or the armrest. Futon is heavy.

Move the memory foam twin bed and base from the basement onto the porch. Very little assembly.

Move 2 double mattresses from the upper floor and either take to the dump or you keep.

You will need to show driver’s licenses for ID. This is non negotiable.

Weekdays preferred (re: the dump) but if you are taking the mattresses any time is good Mattress covers not included.

This is an idiot free zone. Owner is honest, decent, prompt and paying cash.