Coffee – Great Side Gig! – Kickass Cà Phê Việt


Canadian living in Vietnam, the 2nd largest coffee producing country on earth. I created a pretty cool brand, Bamboo Bob Kickass Cà Phê Việt, designed to let people around the world build their own coffee business. Very un-corporate position, and organic, social justice, social impact focused. If that is not interesting to you – read no further! But thanks.

We are working directly with the small farms in some of the most at-need communities in the country. VNmse coffee is really exceptional in taste and value, but has no real presence in the west. There is lots of profit available since there is no middleman. Distribution partners already setup in many parts of Canada who are just starting out, so we want to add people in the GTHA as well. Its a really good opportunity for the right person. There is no real investment on your part (other than some coffee to start) and we are building the tools to support sales, marketing, fulfillment. Being fully open, its not yet completely turn-key, but it is quite ready and there is a LOT of money to be made. There is work and opportunity to refine and contribute on your side. We are creating a global community of partners, working in a group to share and support and build successful tactics. It is fun and profitable, and a good outlet, and will help really change the lives of some people here in Vietnam. On this side, we take proceeds and build community development projects around the farms. To do that, the business side must be successful. So – that is the opportunity in a nutshell!

Priority to at-need, veterans, women returning to work, diversity folks, and people with a main job in big organizations – healthcare workers, first responders. Really, anyone wanting a good honest home-based gig and interested in changing the world for the better, maybe one little bit.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe!

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