Network & Web Technician


Job Title: Network & Web Technician

NOC#: 22220

Job Role / Duty:

– General role: maintain and upgrade Citadel Music computer network system, website programs, server and all other computer infrastructure and equipment, to ensure Citadel Music systems best performance with maximal commercial attraction and telemarketing efficacy.

– Specific duties

Network System: consolidate the architecture of Citadel Music’s existing computer system and network programs, maintain, streamline, create and revise codes and other necessary comments/documents to promote efficiency externally (with Citadel Music’s clients) and internally (management, musicians/teachers); listen to feedbacks from both sides to ensure tailored solutions all time; search and install most suitable software products, upgrade Citadel Music systems to always best showcase our in-store and online instruments, Repair Services (incl. maintenance, set-ups, replacement, fretwork, etc.); train and coordinate with Citadel Music teachers and clients on usage of coding to secure unobstructed access into our Music Lessons scheduling system; secure a platform for our guiding musician(s) to offer our clients real time, professional advice on instrument purchases or repair; create, test, well maintain and upgrade for management a well-connected telemarketing platform with suppliers and manufacturers from targeted source areas for best priced and quality instruments; administrate system/network (i.e., Operation System, LAN and WIFI setting, troubleshooting, problem solving, etc.); conduct routine data backups and testing ensuring absolute data security and disaster recovery; create and admin content on WeChat Mini Program to help major client groups better use our Music Lessons services, and update the interface data regularly (incl. modification of classes, prices, event content, updates, etc); attentively monitor system performance (speed, traffic, data quantity and quality etc.) to remain best condition.

Website: administrate, upgrade server, website pages and online contact system using up-to-date hard and software to ensure Citadel Music always has a well-organized, easy-to-use website where our business is best demonstrated and our clients can easily view new arrivals, special deals and Citadel Music events; respond to Citadel Music business needs quickly and design or adjust programs, ensuring interfaces and all data always the most updated; regularly test, revise and upgrade all systems to maintain Citadel Music image always competitive.

Qualification Requirements for Candidates:
• Minimal 2 years of IT profession experience
• University or higher education in IT
• Competent communication skills, detailed-oriented and patient
• Strong adaption and quick learning abilities
• Reliability and loyalty
• English (required) and Chinese (preferable)
• Candidates with additional marketing related experience are most preferable

Period of the position: Fulltime (30 hours/Week); Permanent

Annual Work Weeks: 52 weeks

Start Date: as soon as possible

Salary: $20.00- $30.00 /hour

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