Designated Grower for Medical Patieint


I am offering my high-quality growing services to a Medical Patient that needs a designated grower. This will be a legal business agreement, following all Health Canada regulations, and completing all necessary paperwork required for a designated grower license. I have been growing high-grade Medical Ganja for many years, and now have the space to expand (unlimited). I can offer multiple strains of flower and products of cannabis, only that Health Canada has approved and allows designated growers to produce for a patient. There are multiple strains, from Sativa Dominant, Hybrids, to my favourite Indica Dominant. You can always depend on a heavy hitting Indica being available. Most of my strains are always high THC 20%+, some testing at 24% +, and I am always improving the quality and terpenes content. I am only looking for a serious Medical patient, who has a high prescribed daily gram limit, and the ability to financially afford to purchase the medical cannabis at very fair rates. I am looking to get anywhere between 2.00-7.00$ a gram, depending on quality, and amount purchased. You will be allowed to visit to view and inspect the crops through out the entire production process and get weekly updates with pictures. I will be reasonable with the agreement and willing to negotiate terms. This will be a legal business agreement and will follow the requirements set out by Health Canada. I can only be a designated grower for one patient, so please meet the requirements before applying. I want to have all paperwork complete, be licensed by May 2020, and start supplying immediately. For serious inquires only, please contact me at 613-720-7200, by call or text. Also looking for a serious business partner, as I have unlimited space (100+ acres), in a perfect location, with a potential for massive opportunity. My strains have been tested 24%+, the pictures down below are the strains wedding cake and og kush that i grew.

Here are current strains listed below that will be available for a medical patient upon licensing. Many other strains are available that you can choose, and a CBD strain will become available in the future.


1) Bruce Banner 2.0

2) Hindu Kush

3) Critical Mass

4) Zombie Death FK

5) Girl Scout Cookies X Chemdawg

6) San Fernando Valley Kush

7) Cement Shoes

8) Do Si Dos

I Just have a few questions for you to get an idea of your situation.

1) How old are you?

2) What city/town you live?

3) Your occupation?

4) Your prescribed daily gram limit?

5) Can you afford to buy all your prescription every 4 months?

6) Do you have a criminal record?

7) Are you able to meet up and discuss Designated Grower Agreement?