daycare’s need extra help to clean?


daycare days are crazy and I know it’s hard to get all the cleaning and sanitation done properly cause you’re so rushed. so i’m looking to clean on the weekends and some nights. wouldn’t it be nice to come in monday morning and have a spotless daycare?! home daycares included! i will: – Clean and sanitize all toilets, sinks and other and washroom needs (ex. potty seats) – Clean sanitize all infant toys especially – Wash windows if needed – vacuum and clean all mats and rugs – Clean and sanitize staff room -Clean and sanitize older children’s classrooms by a wipe down. Younger children’s classrooms will be more deeply sanitized as I put things in their mouth – Sweep the entire centre complete with a sanitizing mop-through! about me: ece/ea diploma (with honours) autism course certificate through unb 10 years daycare experience owned my own licensed facility a few years ago specialize in infant care my last few years; nannied a 6 month old nannied a 4 month old nannied a 2 months old, and 5 year old worked at 2 separate daycares in the city owned and operated my own licensed daycare facility and operated a non-licensed home daycare for a few months.

please let me know if your interested!!!