Young hard working father looking for a new career!


Hey all! I’m a single father looking to grow into a new career and just wondering if anyone needs an extra pair of hands! I’m a 30 year old arts graduate who spent much of my twenties in school, waiting tables, working odd jobs, as you do, but now that I have a beautiful little boy to take care of, I’ve found myself woefully unprepared and I’m trying to take that next step to ensure his financial stability moving forward! I do have a wealth of customer service and hospitality experience, as well as a few seasons of general labour experience spent as a roofer assistant, demo and Reno labour experience, as well as landscaping labour experience. Nothing too crazy, and I have so much more to learn, but I know my way around basic hand tools, I have a great work ethic, am a very fast learner, follow instructions keenly and push myself to grow into challenges, am decently physically fit, with a great personality, an arsenal of Dad jokes always ready to be told, anytime availability and reliable transportation! Im very open to any and all paths that might be open and am simply seeking an entry level opportunity that might help blossom into an amazing career! If anyone out there perhaps think I may be a fit for such an opportunity, I’d so love to hear from you!

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