Wetaskiwin – STILL NEED pickup on Aug 18!!!


Description: Wetaskiwin. This saturday afternoon (Saturday Aug 18), I need someone with a 1/2 pickup with **NO CANOPY** to take some carpet, old furniture and junk to the Wetaskiwin City Dump. Both of us will help load and unload the junk. The dump is only five minutes away from where I live. 3 trips minimum will earn $75.00 plus another $25.00 per trip if needed and I pay the dumping fees. You need to be here at 1:00 oclock in the afternoon. It should work out to about 35.00 an hour for you and your truck. This is in the city of Wetaskiwin which is about 45 minutes south of the city of Edmonton.

Make yourself a quick $75 or maybe even a $100, $125.00 (if more trips needed) for some quick easy work! EVERYTHING IS ALREADY IN THE BACK ALLEY JUST LOAD, DRIVE AND TOSS. NO HEAVY LIFTING. ****PLEASE PHONE OR TEXT ME**** ***NO EMAIL REPLIES*** 360-3237 John B.