We'd like to earn your Respect-Class 1 Operator


How much does Carl Rosenau & Darren Smith love Trucking?
Well, enough to build a new trucking company that is built for the Driver!
It’s like Carl always says, it’s not that there’s a shortage of drivers, but rather a shortage of good companies to work for!
Would you like to join us in building something great? We believe in giving back to our people by way of better pay, industry-leading benefits, a company-sponsored pension plan, an ultra-modern fleet that is repaired immediately, safety first is a must. Most importantly we are here to earn your RESPECT, journey with you through this thing called life, then go home feeling fulfilled that we made the world a better place together!
With another half dozen Western Star 49X’s rolling in we have openings on flat deck work between Edmonton and Vancouver as well as regional Super B work hauling Frac sand in and around Edmonton-Grande Prairie Area. For an Open & Honest Conversation give Darren a call anytime at 403 942 5151 anytime or check us out at www.herculeslogistics.ca

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