After some heavy thought, we’ve decided we want like-minded individuals in our organization. We are seeking those who would LOVE to TRAVEL a lot this winter!! And not just with a backpack. We want you to travel in style. We want the type who relish (maybe: cherish?) the thought of spending ***every 3rd week*** this winter in a different beautiful, tropical, destination… in an all-inclusive hotel every time… where you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about but enjoying yourself and relaxing on white sand beaches, taking great selfies and pictures, enjoying ice cold drinks (pick your poison!), and deciding what you’d like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’re sure you’ll want to take part in a few excursions— and you’ll have plenty of cash to do so after you find your place in our team. The Downside: -You’re absolutely going to be working your TAIL OFF during each of those “2 weeks on” back here in Edmonton. Could very well be one of the hardest and most mentally challenging positions you’ve ever undertaken. -If you crack under pressure you will fail. -If you do not have thick skin you will fail. -If you are not able to work independently you will fail. -if you are not self motivated and self driven you will fail. -if you do not have a vehicle and valid drivers license you may not fail, but life will be more difficult. -you will be investing many hours in training and bettering yourself overall. Approximately 24 hours of directly related and hands-on training— followed by continuous and unceasing self-directed training and learning (see: BOOKS! Books like “How to win Friends and Influence People-Dale Carnegie” Or “Psychology of selling- Brian Tracy”).

The Upside (assuming you dodged the bullets above): -You will travel to many exotic destinations in luxury and style this winter. Cancun(Caribbean Mexico), Los Cabos(Pacific Mexico), Montego Bay (Jamaica), Varadero (Mexico), and Liberia (Costa Rica) Are all on the list this year. (In short: People will be jealous.) Especially great for those with instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc. -You will earn a substantial amount of money; likely equal to or greater than your current earnings ON TOP of your vacations and traveller’s dream life this winter. -You will develop priceless interpersonal communication and sales skills which will vastly enrich both your personality and resume. -you will learn to think very quick on your feet as well as to quickly empathize with and see both yourself and your prospect from in your prospect’s shoes. -You will be surrounded with like-minded individuals— which often leads to great, lifetime-long, relationships. -You will be in control of your own fate. And your own earnings. And your own vacations. Nobody will set a cap to your potential— only you decide where the ceiling is. -No $ investment or startup costs, etc. This is a real career. Working with and providing services to home-owners and businesses and representing of the most trusted and recognized brand-names in the world.

To apply for an interview, please observe the following: 1. Subject or title of your application as “This is my dream winter” 2. A recent resume And/OR a written introduction describing yourself, your qualities, and why you believe this opportunity has your name written all over it. 3. You do not have a criminal record. 4. Answer the following puzzle: You are in a game show. There are three doors to open and you get to pick one of them to claim the prize behind it. Behind one of the doors is a bag containing $10,000. Behind the other two doors is a single bag of potato chips. The announcer asks you to pick a door. You pick door number 1. He says before locking in your answer, he will reveal one of the doors that is Only containing a bag of chips. He opens door number two to show that it was a losing door containing a bag of chips. This means the price $10,000 is either behind your door or door number three. The announcer asks you if you would like to switch doors to door #3. Do you switch doors? Does it matter which door you choose? Why or why not? We look forward to hearing from all those who qualify! May this winter be what your dreams are made of.