TRADE FOR HELP getting my electric mountain board running !!


Need this thing up and running the last guy I had work on it stole it from me for 2 months till I only just 2 days ago got it back after he posted it for sale for $2000 on marketplace which I have checked almost daily till I found and then had it releaved from him just really gets to me thinking about how low people really can go …….
on to better things tho …. it just had a smaller battery pack made a 12s that I will eventually make a 12s12p but I need the pelican case it’s in mounted to the board and a way to have the 2 vesc6 controllers connected to the board snd still protected in the case and then all the wires all reconnected snd shrink wrapped over and just
Need it rideable again as it’s my only way around right now I have alot of things I can trade for someone ton help me with the rest and just get it on the road everything from shoes from my large shoe connection to hugo boss, versace ect cloathing to skateboard parts to make your own electric board I’m willing to give you what ever u need from my end to just help me get this done right I’m soo broke these days and I’m just so invested into this thing I need it running badly everything is labeld and laid out nice even had the goof that tried to steal it from me write out full notes on what it and how to get it going he wanted to put a BMW system in it but I have a balancing charger for now and only need the minimum to get it working safely done for now …afterbirth get working again I will deal with a newer system..
I just can’t afford to do something wrong with what I have either so really really appreciate the help thanks really need it ASAP and will make a good trade thank you again !!! Text Daniel @ 7808841453 or email me @

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