TheFaygoWaitress' Website & Graphic Design


Hello, I will be your Waitress this evening.
Call me, The Faygo Waitress.
Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur looking to be their own boss or a well established CEO of a brand name company, I can help you get all the front and back end development done so you can focus on more important things.
I have 6 years experience with HTML, CSS, RSS, C++, MySQL, SSL & DNS Configuration, Search Engine Optimization, Ruby, Python, Termux, VS Code, Atom, Emacs and my personal favorite;
I also offer other services, such as:
Logo Design
Business & Personal Advertising
Domain Registration & Sales

I can work with any host, you decide!
All you have to do is buy the domain name, buy an SSL so your website is secure and let me do the rest.
My goal is to make all your dreams come true, digitally of course!
Remote Only.
Please Text or email @
1-250-288-1170 IS for SA

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