Shop Laborer – $15/hr cash paid daily


Job Description:
– $15/hr cash paid daily via e-transfer
– Shop clean up, light fab work, vehicle bodywork, parking lot sweeping, lawn maintenance
– Hours will be 6pm – 4am as needed

Pre-employment Requirements:
– Steel toed boots
– Read, Write & Speak English fluently
– Transportation to south Edmonton common with 1 hours notice

On-job requirements:
– Positive attitude
– Compliance with safety regulations
– Fast Learner
– Hard worker
– Attention to detail

We supply:
– Safety glasses & vest

Job Application:
Please answer the following questions (number your answers)
1. Describe your experience with fab/bodywork and commercial lawn maintenance.
2. How much experience do you have operating heavy equipment such as a bobcat?
3. Do you meet the 3 requirements?
4. If you were hiring a person for this job what would you look for?
5. Who is your favorite EDM artist?

Please text your answers to 587-990-7569 (email is not checked)
We will only contact the responses that meet our criteria.

Thanks for your time, have a wonderful day!

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