Sales and Marketing Manager – Entry Level



Job Description:About the JobOur Company is hiring for an entry-level full-time sales, marketing, and management training position. We feel that sales and marketing are critical parts of how to exist in the world. Whether it’s sales and marketing of a product or service or talking to your neighbors about his dogs barking all night; sales and marketing skills are needed throughout your entire life.At The Acquisition Group, we want to teach the fundamentals of sales and marketing and then move individuals into management ASAP! It’s how we expand our company. We work with our largest client, TELUS Communications within their TELUS Optik home services sector promoting the best and most up-to-date telecommunications service out there!This position is full time and involves responsibilities in: entry level sales & marketing entry-level management training sales and marketing presentations face to face sales and marketing of new services for our client, TELUS Communications sales and marketing techniques training current sales and marketing reps The Acquisition Group will cross-train all teammates within leadership development which include: interviewing sales and marketing training fundamentals team building and mentoring entry level marketing and sales consulting Team members who achieve promotions into management at our company are: highly coachable team players willing to follow a proven training and support system designed to help team members achieve their goals amazing attitudes looking for an amazing future Benefits & Our CultureThe management & marketing team at our firm offer an environment where our team’s ideas are not only heard but implemented. We offer a team based and structured environment, however team mates are expected to be self-disciplined in managing their own time and work schedule. Fun, team building environment Travel Opportunities Leadership workshops & development Financial management, business management, time management Recognition for top performers Advancement to management based on performance Qualified candidates must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills and a high level of professionalism & integrity. must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills maintain a high level of professionalism & integrity experience with public speaking for presenting to groups a plus 1-2 years of customer service experience demonstrated leadership ability demonstrated critical thinking and problem solving skills Apply Today!Company Description:THE ACQUISITION GROUP IS WHERE YOUR FUTURE STARTSThe Acquisition Group is all about the future. We look forward to and look towards the next big thing, and that includes you and your career. We are an industry leader in growth and our customer acquisition programs have positioned us as the go-to marketing consulting firm for industry leaders looking to build on their success.We have achieved all this because of the amazing people in our court. We’ve trained those people from the ground up, and in the process developed accredited leadership and skill development programs. No matter what your background is, or what level of experience you have, we are here to help you learn, grow and succeed.We will help you make the jump from not sure what to do, and not happy doing it, to doing something Job ID: 30751452
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