Residential Maintenance Technician



Job Description:Reliant Residential Services is a full-scope residential service provider, focused on condominium properties, apartment buildings, single and multi-family dwellings. We work with property managers, boards, owners, and renters to ensure that their buildings and homes are maintained and repaired properly and professionally. When something disrupts their comfortable daily living or operations, we remedy the situation promptly. Issues are attended to professionally, cleanly and courteously. Since 2014, Reliant has built a positive reputation among our clients and are regarded as their “Go-to” contractor for maintenance and repair. We are poised for ambitious growth in multiple market segments in the Edmonton region and beyond. Maintenance Technician Qualities: · honesty & integrity · focus on a positive experience and outcome for the customer · ability to think analytically and discern the root cause of an issue · willingness to work hard at a variety of tasks, with attention to detail · commitment to a safe and clean worksite · written and verbal communication skills · initiative Experience and competence in multiple disciplines of home and building maintenance and repair are required. On any given day, the Maintenance Tech will be tasked with any of the following, and perhaps more: · painting · drywall / mud / tape / texturing – new installations and repairs · carpentry – rough and finishing · door and window adjustments · plumbing · electrical · landscaping · cleaning / organizing and maintenance of shop, tools, equipment Additional tasks to be taken on when work orders are not scheduled include, but are not limited to: · Clean shop · Organize tools, equipment, inventory. · Clean, organize, perform maintenance on equipment, tools, etc. · Estimate preparation · Form, pour, finish concrete products · Hand out cards, door hangers, etc. · Training · Contacting customers As a Maintenance Technician with Reliant, you are the front-line representative of the company. The continued growth of our business requires that our Maintenance Techs recognize that each interaction with a client, is an opportunity to enhance our positive reputation, with courtesy, competence, communication, and completeness in the work done. It is expected that Maintenance Technicians will strive to find better ways to accomplish the things we are tasked with, and communicate those to colleagues and management. To seek out information, and to recognize and act when something needs to be done. The foregoing is considered the minimum – there is no defined “end” to the job description. Staff are encouraged to “do what needs to be done” in order to build the positive reputation, footprint, and profitability of Reliant Residential Services and related entities. Those who are instrumental in building Reliant will be rewarded accordingly as the company grows.Company Description:A full-scope residential maintenance and repair contractor focusing on condominium properties. Job ID: 12812295
Reliant Maintenance Group Ltd.

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