Resident Manager and Caretaker 25 Unit Behind Oliver Square


Kijiji note: Kijiji messaging is not currently working, for the time being please text me with your name and answers to questions in this ad and I will immediately get back to you.
We are looking for a reliable and self-motivated Resident Building Caretaker to part-time work on their own schedule to manage one building with 25 fully renovated units. Perfect for semi-retired, retired or for young couples for looking for some extra disposable income while residing in the same building.
The building is a 4 story walk-up with very strict bylaws and has recently been designated as strictly enforced cannabis and tobacco free through building bylaws. This building is leased only to tenants who choose a quiet lifestyle such as those that work shift work or requirement quiet times at all hours of the daytime, evening and nightime – mature adults only. There are no other walkup buildings in the area that rent and enforce such strict noise requirements and hence there is very little tenant turnover in this building.
The building is strictly non-smoking, no-pets and no-subletting and is enforced very strictly in our lease agreements and bylaw along with fines and penalties.
Job requirements:
-Negotiated hourly $15-$20/hr wage with probation period -No interaction with building tenants, only deliver notices on doors -Contractors take care of lawn/snow multiple times a day if required -Work on your own schedule (day/night) -You will be willing to be semi-available pretty much always or schedule in relatively quickly -You will take on duties of keeping the building clean (vac and pickup garbage in/out of building sometimes multiple times per day), replacing common area light bulbs, reporting problems and possibly some basic tree/flower care -You will have generic maintenance skills and duties and be able to work with tools (your own tools), painting, fixing doors, keeping two laundry rooms and building and other common areas (including grounds and parkade/backlane) clean -(optionally if interested) cleaning suites on move out (this is rare) -Should have a valid drivers licence and would be ideal if you drove a truck that you might do some hauling to EcoStation etc. (preferred but optional). -You will be working with the primary owner of the complex and work with the assigned property management company on occasion. -Must register with WCB to be insured (we pay these costs) Please contact via Kijiji and include a brief outline of your resume that would make you a good tenant and resident maintenance individual for the complex.

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