Property Protection Services Offered


Older Male seeking a Position as Lot and Property Protection
Services Entail:
Lot Watch
Guard Dog
Recorded and Documented
Service Requirement’s:
Parking area for Trailer and Truck
This is a Trade Service, if provisions are met.
Who Am I ?
I am a 3rd Level NDT Inspector, Concrete Cutter, Fibre Optic Network Specialist and Mechanic, no not a technician that only replaces parts, an actual Mechanic who can build a vehicle.
What am i Doing?
I was injured in 2019 at work, then in 2020, i was struck by a truck while parked.
The best of my abilities are in Property Watch.
If you have a Property and you have items you need protected from the growing amount of thieves, I am the guy who can make it stop…
Where i am currently Protecting Property, was a Gang of Catalytic Converter Thieves, after 3 months, I was able to break up their gang, and one by one, the insurance companies, had them charged, prosecuted and incarcerated for 6 to 10 years each.
The EPS will no loner deal with Thieves, Assaults and Random Attacks in Edmonton, Alberta.
I have my Protect, Security Certification with Iron Horse and am a Former Task Force Member of The Edmonton City Police, you may recall the yellow cars prior to EPS, Edmonton Police Service.
I know the rights of the Property and in proper engagement of thieves, this is critical in the case the Thief claims injury.
If a Thief is on your property and caught in the act, you have the right to remove the individual by any means Necessary, if the individual runs off the property, you cannot pursue, but can still charge the thief with Trespassing, Willfully Damaging Private Property, Possession of tools and intent to use.
I have dealt with RCMP, Local Constabulary’s and Peace officers and know exactly what they are allowed to do and say in every situation.
They do not get paid enough to care anymore and have become ‘Quiet Quitters’, this leave Citizens who pay taxes with no recourse when they are robbed and have their items stolen.
I am the guy who can rid your property of thieves, trespassers and Bully’s

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