Looking for an exceptional fit for a unique childcare and tutoring position. Please read the full ad for all the details.
We have four kids (3 boys ages 7, 5, and 2, 1 girl age 10 months) and are looking for in-home support during weekdays, primarily for our eldest child with complex behavioural needs. Part of the focus will include facilitating at-home learning for him for several hours each day. We are ideally looking for someone who is experienced and confident in curriculum development, integrative learning and learning through play.
Our kids are fun, hilarious, active, energetic, loud, enthusiastic and generally a wildly incredible adventure every single day. There will almost always be one parent at the home, we are needing a second set of hands on deck to help with the supporting the kids and managing the day to day tasks of the home, such as cooking, cleaning and errands, so we can have a happy, functional household even in the chaos. We are looking for someone who enjoys connecting with kids (ours will welcome you and love you like you are part of the famly), has strong intuition and great problem solving skills, is confident implementing routine and consistent boundaries/expectations, and is comfortable taking initiative and working independently.
Some important values in our home include: respectful/positive parenting, trauma-informed care, and collaborating so everyone feels safe, loved and has best opportunity to be their best selves. We are looking to work with someone who is in alignment with these values – as a seasoned pro, a curious novice or anywhere inbetween – and who is interested in joining us in our own journey of learning and growth.
Childcare-related duties would include taking kids into the community for activities (park, bike ride, walk, etc), supervising indoor and outdoor play at home, helping with activity transitions, supporting kids in thier chores and selfcare tasks, and helping with meals and bedtime. This would be a great fit for someone interested in education, occupational therapy, social work or working with people with disabilities. Previous experience working with kids with neurodivergences but also open to working with someone who is interested in learning and developing skills in these areas.
Regarding expectations around the tutoring/school support aspect of the role, there is lots of room for flexibility and collaboration to find a rhythm that works well for everyone. Our goal is for our son to keep up with his grade level but priority is on creating a positive learning environment with consideration to his learning needs and supporting him in gradually transitioning to in person learning in a classroom. Previous experience in education is an asset but not required.
We also ask that anyone applying for this position is:
– from a completely non smoking home
– willing to not use scent on days while in our home (ie. perfume, scented laundry products)
– double vaccinated and willing to take any necessary precautionary measures to reduce the risk of Covid
– has clear criminal record check within the last 12 months
– has current first aid certification
There is flexibility around days and time but would typically be Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm with reduced hours on one or two day each week. Salary will vary depending on hours but will be approximately $3000/month based on 35hr per week. Located in NE Edmonton near Londonderry Mall.
– relevant training, certification and experience
– description of what makes you a good fit for the job
– date that you’re able to start

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