Maintenance Technician Needed – Edmonton


Ongoing Operations
Operate properties consistent with the expectations of Centurions Corporate standards and approved annual budgets. Complete monthly fire system testing and annual fire drills as required. Administer and complete maintenance and Work Order repairs within 48 hours; review apartments at turnover and prepare a scope of work consistent with established renovation standards. Inspect and ensure vacant apartments are always in a state of rent- readiness, clean and fully prepared for move-in. Assist with the move-in and move-out process. Maintain all building inventories and logs and complete all required checks. Ensure building preventative maintenance is scheduled and completed. Keep the building common areas and grounds clean and free of litter and debris. Ensure lawns are well-trimmed and flower beds well maintained; ensure drives and walkways are clear of snow and ice in winter. Maintain par stock maintenance supplies, and complete regular inventories; with Property Manager approval, order supplies as necessary to ensure the proper operation of the property. Report any building or apartment concerns or deficiencies promptly to the Property Manager. Complete other duties as assigned.

Essential Service and Emergency
Be accessible either in person or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide essential service in emergency situations (fire, flood, injury) as they arise or occur. Be fully aware and cognizant of fire and life safety procedures and execute on them in the event of any emergency.

A minimum 2 to 5 years of maintenance experience;
Aptitude for and ability to complete minor maintenance repairs (carpentry, plumbing, electrical); and
Ability to lift, push and pull heavy objects, including garbage bins, furniture and appliances.

Compensation Includes:
Competitive annual salary;
Health, Dental, Vision and other benefits;
Employee Assistance Program

Centurion Asset Management Inc. | Centurion Property Associates Inc. is an inclusive and equal opportunity Employer. If you require a disability-related accommodation to participate in the recruitment process, please email us.
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