Looking Taping


I’m looking to start taping , I’m a drywaller of 14yrs experience and i have been wanted to start taping , i know a little bit but i catch on very quick , i want to learn the right way not by someone that cheaps out or skip steps or cut corners that’s not how i work , i will buy all the necessary tools!

I take pride in my work and i want to learn from someone really good and takes his job serious. I’m willing to buy the right tools . I have my own truck , bunch of planks , ladders, benches.

Maybe if i ask the companies i work for maybe they would let us drywall & tape them (don’t count me on it but it maybe a possibility if i ask)

We could maybe work something out when we do drywall we could split or so much % , i just don’t want to work hourly i have a family and i need to make good money .
Maybe if it works out good maybe we would be able to take our own jobs and never know where it can go from there .

Im really looking for someone serious and who cares about ‘Quality’ !

I don’t drink or do drugs so if your looking for someone that shows up everyday monday to friday 7am-3-4 pm and takes pride in his work shout me msg and hopefully we could meet up and see what we could agree on talk to you soon !

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