Looking For a Grade 6 & 7 Math Tutor for 2 Great Kids!


I’m looking for someone fun to help my two kids out with strengthening their basic facts for grade 6 & 7 math. Online tutoring has not been particularly successful for us, so we’re looking for someone to meet with us in person one day a week after school in our home. We are a fully vaccinated family. My girls are good students and good listeners, but neither one of them has done a great job at learning their multiplication tables, which of course is causing us some problems now that they are getting a little older. The job would consist of helping with homework and playing math games to help with rote memory of facts. We don’t need a calculus professor; a kind, bubbly person who can do basic math while keeping things lighthearted and fun would be just fine. Highschool/university students welcome.

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