Iso fulltime employment!


Hello, I am a 29 year old organized, independent female who is looking for employment asap as winter is now here, and bills are already adding up quickly! I am looking for something in the customer service category. I am very experienced in various areas in different kinds of work places. I have 8 years + for working in customer service, also some management positions aswell. I am experienced and do a phenomenal job in the cleaning industry as I do take on lots of subcontracting jobs both residential, and commercial and can guarantee a phenomenal well-done outcome for my clients. Also, I have finished my course work for massage therapy, and can also take in any new clients which would be all home based. I’m a super fast learner, so catching onto something completely new won’t be a problem area at all. Please contact me If you may know of anything.. or know of any positions which fit these listed. Please call/text me at 780-267-6530 in response to this ad that I have posted. Thankyou!

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