HELP!! Puffco Peak Atomizer Rebiuld HELP NEEDED! (Puffcoil)


I recently bought a kit from JCVap in order to repair my own coils. After watching an assortment of tutorials AND closely following the directions, I’m still making a mistake somewhere along the line and can’t get it to work.
Money is tight until my upcoming payday, so I was hoping maybe someone out there has done this and would be willing to help me, and be paid in concentrate, or a small enough fee. If this is something you’re proficient in, and you would be willing to help me either through video calls or in person, please drop me a line. I can give you a decent amount of shatter or something in return for just a few minutes of your time and assistance!
Thank you so much, if you can and are willing to help, please either text or email/reply here on kijiji, (I’ll likely miss any unplanned voice call due to my job)
Thanks again!