Handyman Wanted!


Hello there!
I’m looking for someone to put up some non-load baring wall frames in my basement. I only need the frames put up for now and I think I have all the needed tools / supplies already aside from potentially needing more 2 x 4s. I only have a small townhouse so the room wouldn’t be very large but would need one or two door opening slots. I think that would be the hardest part of the job but I don’t know much about putting up walls so what do I know?
Anyway, this is meant to be a quick, fast cash job for someone needing a little extra Christmas money or for someone who is running their own business. I just didn’t want to throw my money at some big wig corporation.
Will upload proper pictures later tonight. Please shoot me a message for more details and an idea of the cost for your work.
Jess B

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