Drywaller for hire with 14 years exp


Been in construction for 20 years now and my hour y start with roofing for 5 years and then went into a Carpenter position for 1.5 years doing fences, decks , privacy fences, handrails , installed stepped , patio stones , back framing and much more . Then got into the interior trade . Started off in the residential boarding and went commercial after 5 years going back and forth to stay busy . Did IPDs and service work for a year also . Done single home to multi family projects to luxury homes on the residential side and Hospitals , old age homes , universities and 50 floor buildings on the commercial side . Stuffed idk how many sleeves of insulation and hung poly with acoustic seal and fire stop during fire prep days . Also have 6 months exp on steel stud now about a year ago doing framing both heavy and light gauge steel , shaft liner , shooting track to iron , hard ceilings, sound bar, stiff bar , bulk heads , some t bar work , also did a big deli of FRP both tiles and 10’ panels with j trim . As far as taping I can spot screws , wipe behind , fire tape , and help sand . I have a lot of exp to offer as a 36 year old tradesman . Great work ethic and take pride in my work . Lost my work partner 1 week ago and looking to see what’s to offer here home in Edmonton. Been on the road working for years now and I’m always up to high paid jobs on the road with loa . I have 2020 CSTS , MEWP ticket , fall pro , WHIMIS . Also Inc company with wcb and GST . Thanks for ur time !

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