Data Base Admin – Senior – Edmonton – REMOTE


Our large Edmonton based client is seeking a Database Administrator contractor for 12 months with possible extension – remotely.

Description of Work:

Current Need:

• Ensure the database is able to scale according to our growth. (application databases as well, omni + core)
• Optimizing application and end-user queries (reactive tuning)
• A DBS to support the SQL server upgrade and performance tuning of the DB.
• Support for developers on data design/modification on new schema or new products , data structure and best design practices for new features, tables and schemas.
• A foundational assessment on current data schemas on the ability to scale and adapt to customer growth exponentially.
• Identify queries that are underperforming or bottleneck the DB and optimizing them so that customers are not impacted by performance issues
• Manage access and protecting the integrity and quality of client data.

Future Strategic Need:

• Transform from current OMNI to future ODS
• Data design and queries are scalable

Role Responsibilities:

• Data modeling and database design
o Create and maintain an efficient physical database design from a logical data model and application specifications including data modeling , normalization and conceptual and logical design.
o Provide technical expertise for projects in regards to the implementation and support of databases and applications
• Data integrity
o Design and maintain a database where only accurate and appropriate data is entered and maintained. Deploy and ensure multiple data integrity standards are in place such as database integrity, entity integrity, referential integrity, check constraints, database triggers and ensure structural integrity of the database.
o Assist with data migration between DB technology including regular data refreshes between production and non-production environments
• Performance Management and Tuning – Proactively monitor the database environment and to make changes to data structures, SQL, application logic or DBMS subsystem to optimize performance.
• Database Availability – Ensuring that the database and data are available 24 x 7 (high availability) leveraging non-disruptive administration tactics and implementation. Prepares and participate in data recovery testing exercises
• Data Security – Ensuring only authorized users have access to data through implementation of a systematic security infrastructure for production and test databases.
• Capacity Planning – Actively prepare the database to support the growth of data, users and connections. Predict data growth based on application and data usage patterns. Implementing necessary changes to accommodate the growth will be a critical component for client to scale.
• Database Administration
o Installation of database software, modification of database servers (tables/indexes), maintenance, database patches/fixpacks and version upgrades.
o Actively creates and maintains database and operational documentation.
o Assist with the creation and coordination of implementation plans for maintenance/version updates for Development, UAT and Production environments.
• Problem Solving – Provide support and troubleshooting for various complex database environments and work closely with the development, production and vendor teams to resolve issues.

Daily Responsibilities:

• Proactively identifying data issues and coming up with solutions to mitigate them
• Ensuring the data is having high availability for the application
• Data is in a good state (clean, secure)
• Identify data optimization opportunities (queries)
• Work closely with development teams on alleviating data dependencies
• Advocate better data design on new features to ensure client data is scalable

Required Skills and Experience:

• 3-5 yrs of experience with AWS database full stack
• 3-5 yrs in database schema creation and management
• Working knowledge of relational database internals (locking, consistency, serialization, recovery paths, deadlocks).
• Working knowledge of at least one scripting language (shell, Python, Perl) and a procedural language for at least one database (PL/SQL, T-SQL etc.).
• Systems engineering experience, including memory management, I/O tuning, configuration, security, networking, clusters, and troubleshooting.
• Experience in implementing appropriate DB backup and recovery procedures based on data volatility and application availability requirements
• Expert at SQL code reviews and optimization
• Possess experience in design, debugging, implementing and maintaining store procedures, trigger and user-defined functions
• Deep knowledge in cloud storage and interaction capabilities
• Experience in being the central source of database knowledge understanding the basic tenets of DBMS Technology (MS SQL, Redshift, Postgres SQL, etc)
• Experience in cache management, proactive performance tuning and optimizing application and end-user queries (reactive tuning)

If you believe you are the right candidate for this position, please contact your local Randstad Technologies representative or email your resume for consideration.






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