Creative Writing summer class


Welcome to the Creative Writing summer class, where children ages 7-10 (grades 2-5) will develop further understandings of how a good story is written, and how to activate their amazing imagination. In this class the discussions of the plot of a story, the creative aspects of a story will be discussed. The class will take place on July 19 – July 23 (Monday – Friday) 10am- 12 pm. During these two hours of class we will spend time exploring the plot and planning of stories, and how to write a compelling story while exploring deeper into characters and setting and how to hook the readers attention, we will also spend time playing creative games to make class fun, while still developing creative minds. We will have different lessons for each day, for example exploring the plot diagram of a story, and exploring samples of different stories written, as a goal we strive to accomplish. Classes will take place in the garden of my house.

Phone number: (780)-716-2353

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