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Job Description:ISO an experienced carpentry foreman capable of running a small crew or working alone and completing high quality carpentry products like decks, pergolas, fences, outdoor kitchens etc…Employment is an option as well as working as a subcontractor. About the Organization Greentree Outdoor Living is an Edmonton based residential and commercial landscaping company. We pride ourselves in being able to transform any backyard into a beautiful backyard escape. Our designers and crew are detail orientated and devote their time to ensuring that our clients landscaping vision is brought to completion efficiently and to the highest standard of quality. Job Location Edmonton Alberta Overall Purpose of the Role Be a leader for your crew and ensure jobs are done to the highest standards and within the budget. Ensure clients’ needs are met and maintain a high level of professionalism. Key Responsibilities – Ensure the trucks and equipment are kept clean, safe, and properly maintained. – Wash trailers and equipment as required. – Operate the equipment in a safe and courteous manner – Be able to efficiently navigate the city. – Check that the transmission oil, engine coolant, washer fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid are at the proper levels every time you re-fuel. – Walk around the equipment every morning to inspect for any damage, and ensure the lights are working. – Check the engine every morning to inspect for damage and check the engine oil. – Immediately inform the Equipment Manager of any problems with the equipment. – Coordinate with the Operations and Equipment Managers for the efficient repair of the equipment as needed. – Ensure that all waste organics, wood, concrete, and garbage is kept separate at all times. – Ensure the security of the equipment at all times. – Assemble, and coordinate the delivery of, all materials needed for each project, as required. – Initial all invoices and receipts, confirming that all material delivered has the correct associated job number. – Submit all receipts and invoices weekly. – Update and send pictures of work daily. – Be able to work effectively with Airtable and Email. – Assist the Operations Manager and Landscape Designer with the coordination of a project as required. – Teach and enforce the company policies, procedures and safe work practices. – Assemble the correct materials for each job as required. – Ensure the property is clean each day before leaving the site. – Ensure materials left on-site are properly barricaded. – Maintain a positive attitude and outlook to the work performed. – Project a positive team atmosphere on the crew. – Able to lay-out a project accurately from the provided designs. – Able to maintain quality while increasing efficiency. – Organize projects from start to finish, including the coordination of required sub contractors. – Track the materials used on each project. – Maintain a daily log to track the hours and commission payments on each project. – Ensure client satisfaction on every project. – Personally have, possess the ability to train others, and consistently improve, their knowledge on all the different aspects of completing a landscape carpentry project. Including; Grading, Drainage, Walkways, Fence posts, Piles, Fences, Pergolas, Decks, Stairs, Railing, Screens, Landings, and other outdoor structures. – Stay informed about City building codes to ensure compliance. – Maintain a professional and capable crew that can effectively complete projects. – Be responsible for the crew, equipment and the quality of the construction. – Report and correct dangerous situations. Essential Functions The incumbent must be: – Physically, emotionally, and professionally capable of properly and effectively completing all manner of outdoor woodworking projects including decks. – Capable of translating technical information and a broad view of expected results to a focused and specific assignment. – Capable of producing productive, goal-oriented work progress by motivating and leading other people in a supportive, coaching manner. – Hold a valid Drivers license, and maintain a clean driving record. – Have a working smartphone. Person specification, Essential Criteria & Qualifications Carpentry Experience Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Carpentry Experience, able to read blueprints, hard working, pride in work Business Requirements Valid Driver’s License, Experience in the Carpentry Area Apply Please send resumes to Job ID: 10191518
Greentree Outdoor Living

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