3 concrete guys looking to be a crew within a good company.


We are a 3 man team, 2 vehicles and know the industry well. 2 of us are second generation concrete carpenters/finishers specializing in residential concrete and have as much knowledge within the commercial industry as well but our skills are best suited for the residential market. We are all tired of the lack of pay, respect, task management etc within the industry and are now seeking a company that would like to utilize our skill set as a team/crew.

We as a team are tired of being called or messaged at 2am after trying to contact the lead hand on a Saturday and Sunday trying to find out what is on the task list for Monday. Our attitudes and skills are on point and we don’t tolerate tardiness.

If you or your company is in need of 3 skilled men in the residential concrete industry please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide you with an infinite amount of history and jobs completed over the last decade or more.

Please email us @. justgo412@yahoo.ca

Thank you to all who respond in advance.

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