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At this stage of my professional life and pandemic, I am looking to adjust my way of providing care and operating the business which might be of an interest to you. In short, this ad is to reach out to two groups. Professionals in healthcare and cosmetics who hope to collaborate and/or individuals who want an office space. I try to paint a picture of now and the possible future, so you can decide. I will be adding more pictures with measurements of the rooms to this post (if possible) or create a new one.
Current use:
I am the only provider in this office since late 2017. Field of practice: mainly family medicine and counselling for emotional well being. Also botox for migraine headaches, muscle spasms, TMJ syndrome and cosmetic botox and fillers
Vision for near future:
Dividing the office to two separate physical spaces.
One for family medicine which I would look after and the other for either collaborating with a team of like minded people in healthcare/cosmetics or sub-leasing it to another business.
Mission area, inside the historic wing of Holy Cross Centre. Office is next to the local FedEx/ Purolator/DHL centre with high foot traffic and ample paid parking
Total space is about 2000 sqft, 5 rooms with windows that open, and a large hallway. Multiple bathrooms are located outside the office and are shared with other businesses. I have installed ADT security system to my office, in addition to the building security staff.
Space can be subdivided and sub-leased with approval of the owners
Depends on the size of the division and will be addressed with individually
♦️Looking to collaborate?
Like minded people who enjoy helping others look and feel their best and make working with each other a joy. Professionals including experienced cosmetic office managers, an admin assistant, RNs, LPNs with training in cosmetics and/or IV vitamin therapy, estheticians and massage therapists. Did I miss a possible great team member? I welcome your input.
♦️ Looking for an office space?
If you wish to practice independently in the healthcare field or look for an office space for other type of business
♦️ Have another idea or hope to combine both?
If you wish to have your own office but hope to collaborate as well. An example, you are a physiotherapist or a massage therapist and in some cases you wish to have an assessment by a physician. I completed the fellowship in sports medicine and can help. You are a counsellor and in some cases you hope to have help from a physician for diagnosis, treatment planning or a potential referral to a psychiatrist.
How to contact:
Please respond to the ad through kijiji
I have not named my office, specifically to prevent overwhelming my assistant so she can focus on looking after our dear patients.
In advance, I apologize for not being able to respond to everyone.
Taking the following steps will help me understand your interest better and reach back to you
✅ Subject line:
Please clarify your interest: collaboration, office space or both
❇️ Body of the response:
If you are hoping to collaborate please read the rest of the ad, as you will likely find it helpful.
If you are looking for a space, feel free to skip reading the rest and please write how you will be utilizing the space, how many sqft/rooms you wish to have and how long you wish to stay

✳️ Read for individuals considering collaboration.
I am writing this section so you can envision how I can contribute to your growth and guide you in how you can write about yourself and stand out from the usual description of “I am organized with great people skills and I learn quickly”. Please don’t stress about making it perfect, as mine is not and kijiji doesn’t seem to spell check me!
I completed family medicine residency in 2007, cosmetic botox and filler training in 2007, sports medicine fellowship in 2008 and master cosmetic injection training and non-surgical facelift with fillers and threads in 2018, followed by a few in person and over the internet cosmetic courses which did not include hands on training, such as MD codes. Throughout the years I have developed interest in understanding emotional well being and took additional training in providing counselling. I believe in life-long learning and will continue to better my skills and ability to provide care.
After years of working in mostly windowless, small medical offices, I decided to open my own practice in 2017 and make sure every room has a window with access to fresh air. I also wanted to create a soothing and welcoming home like environment to ease off the emotional distress commonly experienced while seeking medical care.
I enjoy providing care to others, love teaching, painting, decorating and calligraphy. And of course dogs of all breeds❤️
I focus on quality of care and not the quantity, and I spend time with my patients while looking after them and never limit their visit to “one issue at a time”.
I also have aimed to learn from the best. In 2007, when cosmetic Botox and fillers were not well known and practiced by many, I took my training with Dr. Muhn in Burlington, ON, whom was and is considered one of Canada’s leading authorities in the cosmetic field. I kept up with new trainings throughout the years and in 2018, I completed the Master Cosmetics training with Dr. Ourian in Beverly Hills.
Dr. Ourian is regularly featured on the BHs HWs show and is the cosmetic physician to many celebrities including the Kardashians. He is named the Michelangelo of Hollywood and not only he is a true artist but also a great mentor. In 2018 I was his first attendee from Canada.
I tried to write what I’m not good at and kijiji froze on me. I guess the list of what I need to learn is too long for here and won’t fit in In short, if you are good at time management, business management and social media management then I can look up to you and can learn from you I would love to work with people who are smarter and better than me, especially where I’ve learned are my weak points.
Thank you for spending the time to look into this not so short ad and wishing you luck in your journey of life whether I have the pleasure to hear from you or not.
Dr. Bitabella Cyrus

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