Skilled Carpenter available part-time. $35/hr, 8hr min. charge.


Skilled, reliable, mature, semi-retired Carpenter/Contractor/Renovator/Handyman/Fixer currently available for 3-4 days a week (24-32hrs/week) for small to medium sized jobs with a homeowners or small business owners.

I’m also available for a part time, term position with an *ESTABLISHED* owner/operator renovation company to help that company catch up on any backlogged work, while keeping me active and involved with the community.

I would also consider a part time/term position with an *ESTABLISHED* home building, or rental company as a Service Manager, or as a building technician in a medium to large apartment/condominium complex.

****Fly-by-night, minimum effort/minimum standard operators/operations need not respond. ****
I’m not a ‘Just get it done as quickly and as cheaply as you can and get out’ kind of guy, so don’t bother responding if you just looking for a fast, sloppy fix.

I have over 40 years experience in carpentry, residential and small commercial property renovations, flood/fire damage remediation and interior/exterior development, as well as tiny home/fishing shanty/micro cabin construction, renovations, repair and maintenance.

I have personally gutted and rebuilt six of my own residences. That includes both when married to an Interior Designer and having to live up to her exalted standards, expectations and demands, as well as my own homes.

I have two different trucks to use depending on the weight/size/amount of the building material needed, a few trailers, and an over-abundance of hand, power and stationary tools ready for use in any residential/small commercial construction/property maintenance demand depending on the size of the project.

For those offering a subcontracting/term position, I can renew my WCB coverage, two million liability insurance and re-activate a GST number if needed depending on wage and hours.

My experience includes, but certainly is not limited to:
-All carpentry from cribbing and framing right up to fine finishing and cabinet installations, door, window and skylight installation and replacement, baseboard and trim installation and replacement, feature walls, hardwood and laminate floors, wainscoting, stairs, rails, sunrooms, decks, gazebos, sheds and fences. ‘
-All drywall including boarding, mud, taping, finishing and stipple/knock down ceilings –
-All interior and exterior painting
-All tiling including floor, ceiling and wall repairs and installation
-Light duty electrical installation, outlet, switch and fixture repair, exchange, and remediation.
-Light plumbing and fixture repair, exchange, removal and remediation.
-Complete bathroom and kitchen renovation.
-Complete basement development.
-Extensive Landscaping and Hardscaping including exposed aggregate walkway, patios, retaining walls and planters, and rock ponds with waterfalls or water walls.

I’m available to any individual homeowners or small business owners for $35.00/hr on a per-project basis.
My minimum callout charge is one day/eight hours ($35/hr x 8 hours =$280.00) payable at the end of each day.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple recent experiences that have taken away my faith in human nature and trust in some people’s ability to pay in a timely manner for a job well done, so payment by the end of each day is required.

Once trust/faith/ability to pay is established, we can look at extending a payment plan.

For small business/contracting/maintenance companies looking for part time or a term position employee: I’m available 3-4 days a week (24-32 hrs a week) at an agreed-upon wage until we can each determine if I’d be a good fit for your position, or until you find a permanent replacement.

If we agree it’s a good fit, we work well together, I meet/exceed your standards and I prove myself able to make a significant contribution to your company, we can revisit the terms and hours after a review.

Thank you for considering my ad

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