Personal Assistant -very physically active


Photos of people who have worked in this role before. And my dog.
Hi I am hiring an assistant. No experience needed most things are common sense. You will learn as you go as long as you work independently, figure things out and problem solve (google helps)
You will need to sign a contract. 2 weeks salary held due to extensive training. If you quit before 6 months those 2 weeks are counted as training and unpaid. If you work more than 6 months when you quit the 2 weeks are your at next pay period.
Travel is involved usually for long times 3+ months so you need to understand your dog, car, apt etc would have to be sorted.
Travel expenses all paid flights and housing (not food)
High demand job at times and chill at others.
Researching and planning.
Social media for any new brands we start.
Personal training and fitness mostly in the pool with me.
Personal care needed like making tea, doing laundry, cooking, helping me to the shower and even dressing.
Lots of strict dog care including brushing him 15 min every shift. Dog park evening And 6k runs at 6am.
I am a strict employer, if you like travel and adventure it’s a good start. Open mind. Ambitious. Lots going on.
People who like to work with me and are my peeps : professional athletes, military educated, hyper ridged and disciplined. A doer.
No excuses or complaining allowed.
Hours are flexible now.
We prefer 12-2 7 days a week let me know what works. More hours later.
Interview right away by phone after you send your resume.
Inperson Saturday 3pm at 430 village mews sw