Job Description:Palace Calgary Contractors is seeking motivated and driven people to join our team of exterior painters for the exterior contracting season. In the cooler months, we can also offer Interior work as well. The right candidate is not required to have painting experience as we can train on the job but experienced painters are always welcomed as well. Given the nature of this position and in the spirit of transparency, there are a few absolute necessities we require to be met for someone looking to fill this type of position. The requirements are as follows: 1. You MUST have your own vehicle (the job sites change frequently and can be anywhere in Calgary or from time to time the surrounding area as well) 2. You MUST be comfortable with heights and in specific using ladders (with exterior painting there are often areas that are unreachable from ground level) 3. You MUST be reliable, committed and motivated to working full time hours and learning/adapting on the job (especially if you require on site training, we don’t want to waste your time and we value our training time as well) Unfortunately, if any of these necessities cannot be met by you this may not be the best position for you to apply for. The job (summer months): Typically speaking, we do a lot of work on stucco sided properties in many different Calgary communities & surrounding areas. In the warmer months, we almost exclusively work on exterior projects which means (weather permitting) the job sites will almost always be outside. Most of the work includes prepping (scraping, sanding, taping, pressure washing, etc) and painting (brushing/rolling trim, exterior surfaces, decks, fences, stucco surfaces, etc). It’s a fun, fast paced and friendly team environment with lots of room to grow within our company. However, from time to time there may be situations where you’ll be required to work on your own (pressure washing, picking up extra supplies required for a job, clean up/dump runs, etc). We offer on site training and support for people with limited/no experience and we also offer continued learning and support for people with experience. Potential to grow within our company: Depending on your level of experience and/or ability to learn on the job, we can also offer you the opportunity to build a team of your own and move up within our company through a fast track process if you are able to show effective attention towards your commitment to your position and our team along with showing qualities of a valuable team leader candidate. We also offer regular raises for employees who bring value to our team through experience and adaptability or show the ability to grow while learning on the job and contributing towards the team. Our starting wage is dependant on your level of experience but even with limited or no experience your wage can go up quick if you are able to show commitment to our team and have the ability to retain skills/improve through training and time on the job. If this position seems like something you would be interested in, please apply right away. If we feel you are a good fit for the position, we can have you training (if necessary) and working on one of our teams ASAP! 🙂 Company Description:Exterior & Interior Contracting specialists located in Calgary & surrounding areas. Job ID: 13709075
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