Looking for B2B hardworking individuals to join the team


Hi there, my name is Skyler I am the owner of Slick Designs a Web design company looking to take on some hardworking individuals to join the team. What we do at Slick Designs is build stunning websites for small to medium sized companies.

Job Offer/position- I will be looking to add 3 members to our team, this person should have experience in B2B sales, basic understanding of websites and how they help business’s today, if not I can give you a run down on what to pitch and some training exercises on what to say. To sum up the position you will be going around small to medium sized business and asking them to get a website designed and built from
Slick Designs. You can live anywhere in Canada for this position.

Pay- This position is a 100% commission based, you get paid $300-$750 per customer closed and ready to design. Also you will be sub contracted so you keep all your earnings. As soon as the contract is signed and deposit sent from the client you get paid. My one sales rep sold 5 sites last month and worked 10 days and made close to $3800.

Please send your Resume to Skyler@slickdesigns.org

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