Looking for any kind of temporary work to help pay for tuition


Howdy do all. Hope you’re all doing well with the amazing weather we’ve been experiencing lately and hope the holidays are greeting you well this year. So! I’m looking for any kind of temporary work to save up for my tuition fee deadline for a trade program I recently got accepted into. I did apply for a student loan, but have yet to hear anything yet. On top of that I’m also working part time, but haven’t been able to save up enough to cover the fee at all due to rent. Which leads me to looking for any kind of temporary work anyone might have. I’m not looking for handouts and do have a resume to share upon request. But in the event you might need assistance moving some furniture, moving in general, need help with garden or snow removal work, anything that could help me earn a few bucks would help and be greatly appreciated. Feel free to respond to this ad should you need a temporary worker. Thanks for your time and have a great day! ^_^

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