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Duties and Responsibilities1. Demonstrates Positive Interactions with Children•Providing warm nurturing environment that values and respects children and helps them create a positive disposition toward learning. •Giving children a sense of security and trust, building self-esteem, awareness and appreciation for their place in the world around them•Child guidance: Viewing unacceptable behaviour as an opportunity to help children learn self-control and alternate behaviour by implementing positive guidance when required (*See Child Guidance Policy in Staff handbook)•Seeking out meaningful interactions with the children throughout the day including showing interest in what children do and say as well as asking for and listening to children’s ideas and opinions•Giving children the opportunity to exercise their own choices including problem solving and perform tasks on their own, appropriate to their age and stage of development.•Speaking at eye level to children and treating their opinions with recognition, providing validity to their feelings.•Providing guidance in toileting, resting and eating routines.•Model appropriate behaviours for the children including honesty, interactions with parents and colleagues2. Follows Best Programming Practices•Ensuring the children are safe and well at all times •Taking immediate action if child is hurt or sick according to first aid training •Following ALL health and licensing regulations•Knowing the number of children in your care at ALL times•Ensuring children are signed in and out the moment they arrive and leave. •Ensuring the emergency records are up to date with all of your children •Ensuring that the safety checklist is performed every day and initialed when completed. •Following diaper change procedure and ensure that diapers are changed regularly and when soiled•Washing hands before and after food handling, after diaper changing and wiping noses•Following medication storage and administration procedures•Teaching children proper hand washing procedures B. Programming Practices•Observing and documenting interests, needs and abilities of individual children and class as a whole. These should be shared with the families of the children through discussion, posting and learning stories.•Organizing, initiating and supervising developmentally appropriate activities around topics that children show interest in and ensuring the day is comprised of self-directed play, adult initiated activities, free play and routines•Ensuring planning incorporates diversity/culture and the lives of each child are presented in positive ways•Encouraging art to be free expression and open-ended•Support children in their development of cognitive skills, language skills, basic life skills and fine and gross motor skills through the creation of inquisitive learning environments both indoors and outdoors•The continual documentation of the children’s learning into learning stories, that include (but are not limited to) pictures, description of an event, art work/creation, important notes about development and how these will inform you programming going forward. •Ensuring programming is in line with A.C.E. philosophy, licensing and health regulations and accreditation standards•Knowledge and application of Flight: The Alberta Early Learning and Care Curriculum Framework3. Builds Relationships with Management and Coworkers: •Daily communication with and assistance to the Program Supervisor and/or Executive Director•Responsible for any aspect of daily education and care assigned by Program Supervisor and/or Executive Director•Accepting direction, new ideas and constructive criticism from management and coworkers•Maintaining a professional and positive relationship with co-workers to promote a supportive work environment •Contributing to short and long-term goals for the overall improvement of the program.•Ensuring disagreements are not under any circumstances happening in front of children •Sharing resources, skills and materials•Dealing with issues/conflicts that arise tactfully and honestly•Recognizing the contributions of others.•Abides by the Respectful Workplace Policy 4. Builds Relationships with Parents/Families:•Building and maintaining open and trusting relationships with all parents, taking appropriate and prompt action on any concerns raised and to encourage their active participation in the activities of the child care program.•Respecting the role of the parents to the children and acknowledging their expertise on raising them.•Recognizing and respecting the diversity that exists among our families•Respecting confidentiality of information shared by parents5. Professionalism •Be punctual•Wear appropriate dress code•Using proper channels of communication•Maintaining confidentiality•Committing to ongoing learning and professional development•Contribute to a positive working environment•Adhere to an appropriate code of conductPlease visit https://childcareadvantage.com/jobs/looking-for-a-temporary-full-time-energetic-early-childhood-educator-calgary-ab to view full details and to apply. 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