LMIA /Permanent residency/ Work permit


Let’s just say, I am left with no choice but to leave Canada, as my study permit turned visitor permit, due to academic and general complications, is expiring. It is my second extension, which means a third consecutive temporary resident application would probably be denied.
I leave on the 29th of September, 2021.
This is just a Hail Mary shot into the universe, If anyone out there could possibly help bring me back to this country, and help get me as a Permanent Resident.
Will do absolutely any job, if a spot for a work permit is available, through the LMIA process.
My life would be in absolute shambles back in my home (third world) country. I’m going all the way to the rock bottom.
I had my own place and even a car here, lived pretty comfortably, but due to being a foreigner, It would be illegal to stay past my permit.
I will owe you my life.
Help, please.

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