I'm looking for part- time work, cash work, small personal loan


I recently escaped from a very abusive/toxic relationship. I came to Calgary and was doing alright until I learned in therapy what was actually happening to me. Narc ex + the movie “Misery”. It’s done some damage mentally to the point of seeking out help through Alberta Works. I’ve been approved for AISH. I’d like to work part-time, weekends, ect during my therapy until I’m able to return full time. I fell behind on my lease this month and have until noon today to pay my lease or I face eviction. AISH took a lot longer than I expected to be approved. I get my first payment on the 27th of September, 2022. I need to come up with $1000 today by means of lending, work, ect. I’m not a scammer. I have ID. Lol I’m well rounded in construction, gardening, apprenticing, holding a shovel, cleaning, computers, snow removal, ect. I’m in good shape physically. Don’t drink or party. My credit is good and disability qualifies for some loans. They need to see a few payments going into my account to get a small loan. I have some serious equipment for processing cannabis into oil I could use for collateral if necessary. I don’t expect someone to just send me an e-transfer or hand me money. You’re welcome to come over to my place or meet in public and if I did receive help it can go directly to my building manager. I’ve asked if I can have my eviction extended until the 27th and they have to follow a procedure that’s enforced unfortunately. You can make payment arrangements but they have to be done before the 15th of the month. I make really good cannabis gummies, cookies and rice Krispy treats. All gifts for other adults. People love them. I can provide proof of my AISH, bank account, address, ect.If someone could help that would be appreciated.
I’m in the SW by Chinook
Please msg or email and I’ll reply with my phone number

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