I am Seeking Immediate Cash Daily Work – Experienced and Skilled


If you are looking for someone with Knowledge, Experience and Skills, I am ready to work smart and hard for you.

I am in a very tight spot in life at the moment, and will do what it takes to get my life back on track.

Here are some of the areas I am most skilled with:

– Property Maintenance / Clean Up
– Interior and Exterior Painting
– Personal Fitness Training and Online Coaching
– Meal Prep Coaching
– Home Gym Set Up
– Bicycle Repair and Maintenance
– Courier – Item Delivery
– Construction
– Shop Hand – Welding, Grinding, Cutting, etc.
– Landscape Construction
– Tree Trimming and Pruning
– Lawn Cutting and Raking
– Sodding
– Junk Removal
– Snow Removal
– Grocery Delivery
– Pressure Washing
– Garage and Yard Reorganizing and Garage Shelving
– Custom Artwork / Tattoo Design

I am a Jack of All Trades.. and am competent at many of them.

I also have some of my own tools.

My location in the city is in Huntington Hills area.

At the moment, I am able to drive to location.

If you have any type of work available, and need a good solid worker to do the job, please reply to this ad.

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