Hiring Woodworker, cabinet maker for hire


Hello, I am an artist wanting to build high end hockey sticks. Hardwood and softwood would be used. I’m offering $25 per hour. Unfortunately, I cannot use electric tools due to health problems. I don’t have a workshop, so, the carpenter needs their own tools and work space. The hockey sticks and goalie sticks will be the exact size of NHL sticks. I also would like to have wooden pucks made as well. If your interested we could discuss this further. I’ve attached a few drawing to give a better idea. The softwood would will be stained in various colours. The hardwood will only be stained with linseed oil. I’ll also need to design a shelve for the sticks and pucks. Some of the goalie sticks will have coin placed. The regular sticks will have leather wrapping the shaft and blade,

Thank you,

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