Gardening Crew Leader $4000 /Month Salary SE Work One Location


Good day!

We are a well-established property maintenance company here in the city of Calgary. We are looking for a gardening crew leader to lead a team of 3. This position begins as soon as May 1st. All of the work takes place in the same community Monday through Friday 8 hours per day. This position consists of cultivating, weeding, edging, and trimming and shaping of hedges and shrubs. Although the position reads “Gardening” there would not be any actual “planting of flowers”. This position consists of maintaining. The community that we are maintaining has several beds ranging in size. These are the beds that we would be maintaining. You would begin your day at our shop which is also located in SE Calgary. From there you would take a 3 ton truck to the community. The truck is equipped with an onboard washroom. The truck is also equipped with the tools you will require to complete all services. This position will require a valid drivers license and preferably a clean drivers abstract. If you have experience in this field and feel this would be a good fit for you please tell us about yourself. The more information the better! We are looking for an individual that can be left to lead and run this crew with little to no supervision. Someone that leads by example. The monthly salary is $4000 and payday is every two weeks. The position runs through to October 31st. The possibility to extend your employment with us into the winter is very attainable. If we are happy with the value you bring to the company and you are happy with us it will be very likely that we continue working together. Be sure to leave your name and phone number. This is how we will contact you. Do not send a resume, please.

Thank you kindly for your time and we look forward to hearing from you,


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