Caregiver service


Male, Mexican 23 years old, languages: English and Spanish.
Private Support Worker
•​Activities and social engagement
•​Running Errands (drop off/pick up)
•​Transportation/Social outings
•​Mobility Assistance
•​Meal Preparation/ Feeding assistance
•​Toileting/Dressing & Bathing
•​Medication Reminders
•​Light Housekeeping
•​Pre & Post-Surgery Assistance
•​Hospital to Home Care
•​Overnight care and reassurance
•​Childcare/nanny care (parent’s day & night out)
•​Pre- and Post-Delivery Pregnancy Care
•​Complex illness Support
•​Dementia (ex: Alzheimer care
•​Respite care (giving healing time for family caregiver(s))
•​End of life care support
•​Support physically disabled clients with cleaning, cooking, feeding, bathing, toileting, and medication
•​Develop and implemented behavior intervention and support initiatives
•​Work directly with clients to achieve individual goals
•​Use of de-escalation techniques when required to help maintain a safe environment for clients
•​ Provide support to families as needed by communicating, connecting the family with community resources
•​Apply positive reinforcement method to redirect negative behavior
•​Increase clients’ participation in group activities aimed at improving their social skills and mental health.
•​Document clients’ progress and worked with their individual team of healthcare professionals to facilitate clients’ recovery.
•​ Facilitate client’s handover meetings by detailing individual progress, incidents and the overall mood of a participant, to build a positive report.
•​Organize activities including life skills training such as shopping, cooking and cleaning, outdoor recreation and sensory stimulation
•​Support individuals with special needs/physical handicaps (such as autism, mental retardation) and helped them gain independence in their homes and communities.
•​Assist in everyday activities of clients to ensure self-awareness as well as awareness of their surroundings
•​Assist clients by linking them to community resources and work with the parents to advocate for their needs
•​Plan and implement daily activities to assist clients with setting and achieving goals
•​Assist clients in food preparation, cleaning of room and personal hygiene
•​Administer medication, prepared log notes and recorded all daily activities.
•​Transport clients to all required appointments
•​Perform respite services on weekend and statutory holidays
Medical student 7 semesters
Services in Medical Clinic IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute)
Health Care Aid
Standard First Aid/CPR
CPI Training
Clear Police Record
Valid International icense
Own Car
exercise, outdoor activities, animal rescue (dogs), volunteering for social causes

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