Awesome Landscaper Job Part 2


Awesome Landscaping job!! Come join us this Fall and Winter for the most epic year since 2014. Looking for experienced Landscapers with a soft/ hard landscaping, Snow removal and Christmas light experience. We will teach you the fundamental skills needed to be successful not only with us but any and every landscaping company you work with.

Some attributes that will set you up for a positive experience with us.
-A phone or means of communication
-A means of transportation
-A drivers license with clean driver abstract
-Ability to lift up to 60 pounds

Our courses include:
1st year landscaper
$15-$18 per hour
-Smiling basics
-Door to door sales
-Customer service
-Using a power rake with our killing the neighbors cat.
-Hand raking
-Shovel basics; Snow, Spade, and Flat
-Wheel barrows are fun -How a tarpaulin will save your time and back.

2nd Year Landscaper
-experience pulling a 5X10 foot trailer
-Assertive Communication
-Positive attitude
-A general well being for humans and animals
-Physical strength and endurance that can be measured as a 7/10
-This is hands on work which requires a degree human evolutionary convergence like, agility, endurance, upright walking.

3rd year Landscaper
-Adept at both Landscape trailers and dump trailers
-A fierce understanding of mathematical slope calculation
-Ability to work either Summer or Winter

4th year landscaper
-All the above for a 3rd year landscaper plus
-A yearning to be an owner
-Must work Summer and Winter

5th year Landscaper/ Contractor
$26-$45 per hour
-All the above for 4th year plus
-tools and equipment to complete projects

Certain unique abilities such as exceptional driving. Understanding of simple mathematics. And obscure talents like installing Christmas lights on homes and trees can really increase the desirability of talented landscaper.

Typical Winter wages work out to between $2600-$32000 per month. Where winter hours are banked through October 15th through April 15th.

E-mail only.

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