Amazon and Online Sales Job


Amazon and Online Sales Job

We are looking for someone to continue working and manage our online presents we sell products on Amazon Canada, eBay, and our on online website. this job is on a commission bases on profits from products sold. the more we sell and the higher margin we get the more you can make. so far we only have a handful of our products on amazon and eBay and they are doing well.

reason why we are looking for someone to continue what has been done so far – we moved 90% of our products here to Calgary (new flag ship store) and need someone close to the products to do the work.

what we are looking for: – someone to come in and work 4 to 5 days a week 8-5 – must have amazon experience for sure (90% of the products are sold on amazon) – add new products to all sites and update existing – sending products to amazon FBA – filling orders sold online and send to customers

we have everything you would need to get this done. we will supply the computer and everything you need to get the job done right this could easily be a a full time paying job

please call or email me for any information