1st Cook


Job description:
The 1st cook will work on menus for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cocktail parties and large events. You will be expected to work off site on events on your own or part of a team, this includes interacting with clients and their guests. It is expected that you are flexible in scheduling, remember we are a catering company. Delivery of food and equipment are essential parts of catering. If you do not drive do not apply.

This community will only work if there is continuity through communication and discussion on vital matters. For the first six months SE expects cooks to take it upon his or herself to learn what is required to perform their job with the required skills. From time to time there will be performance reviews.

Kitchen Cooking
– Work directly on all hot and cold food preparation
– Event sit-down, buffet and cocktail parties
– Studying and implementing food trends.

– Front end service.
– Prepare and cook food in people’s home and corporate settings.
– You must look absolutely presentable.

– It is expected that delivers to clients will be part of the job.

Kitchen Equipment and Cleaning
– Contribute to the washing of dishes and pots.
– Ensure the proper functioning & cleanliness of the facility.
– Assist in the maintenance schedule for equipment.

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